My series of arrangements for student string orchestras focusing on works by historically underrepresented composers. To view scores or purchase parts, visit Murphy Music Press or click on the piece's title.

Florence Price composed Adoration in 1951 for solo organ. This Grade 2 string transcription of the lush work gives young orchestras the chance to explore melodic phrasing as all sections play the simple, yet beautiful, melody. The inner portion gives way to darker, more yearning harmonies, giving students experience with a few accidentals. The final phrase builds to an emotional peak with an optional upper octave in the violins - a perfect opportunity to challenge more advanced students.

Suffragette Ethel Smyth's March of the Women was composed in 1910 and became the official anthem of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU). It was sung at rallies and by imprisoned activists, including Smyth herself!

This Grade 2 piece begins with a string transcription of Smyth’s original march before proceeding into a brief fantasy based on its themes. It ends with a return of the complete march. Full of lively rhythms and exhilarating dynamic changes, this arrangements keeps everyone busy sharing melodic material. In G major with just a few accidentals, it showcases young orchestras' skills while allowing them to explore a key moment in history.

This Grade 3 set combines two of Juventino Rosas's infectious salon dances, Flores de Romana and Juanita, in an exploration of Latin rhythms, particularly the combination of triplets and duplets. Beginning with a dramatic flourish, Flores de Romana is a variation of a danzón: a slow-moving, romantic dance that is the national dance of Cuba and popular throughout Mexico. While the violins play the first theme, the violas and cellos get a chance to shine with the second theme, and everyone gets a turn with the closing motive. Juanita is a fast-moving danza with a spinning first theme that gives way to a playful call-and-response. The entire orchestra gets a rhythmic workout in this joyful dance!